The online art exhibition EXTRASOBER by Forum Prävention aims to show the dark side of the probably oldest and most popular drug – under the guiding theme of a sobering outlook, international artists and cultural figures as well as sober individuals present works and testimonials that fight against the drinking culture that is firmly anchored in the mainstream. 

The virtual art exhibition is structured by thematic focal points – creative inputs from 12 artists set thematic accents, which are underlined or clarified by accompanying descriptions and interpretations. The artists show that the approaches to this theme are manifold: as much as the selected artworks differ from each other, so do the questions and subjects that the exhibition explores.

One section of the exhibition website is dedicated to audio contributions by people who abstain from alcohol. Here you will find reports that reveal personal opinions about today's drinking culture from a sober point of view and describe personal experiences.

Curated by Annika Terwey and Sophie Lazari, the virtual art exhibition aims to frame text, sound and image into a comprehensive story that brings viewers closer to the interplay between intoxication, addiction, disease, suffering and power. The artistically and thematically wide-ranging project hopes to create an interdisciplinary conversation about the downsides of alcohol and to pave the way for alternative approaches to the culture of intoxication.

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Forum Prävention is a South Tyrolean foundation, which was founded in 2000 in Bolzano. The aim of Forum is to carry out prevention, health promotion, research and continuous education in socially and politically relevant areas – the various focal points of the foundation also include substance abuse (e.g. alcohol addiction and alcohol misuse) and its prevention.

Thanks to the support of the Forum Prävention, Annika Terwey and Sophie Lazari were able to realize the exhibition EXTRASOBER – a sobering outlook as part of Forum’s 20th anniversary. Together, the duo Terwey and Lazari have curated successful art exhibitions such as Dunkle Ecken (22.05. - 31.05.2020, in collaboration with LanaLive) and Trashspotting (20.03. - 27.03.2019, in collaboration with Lanserhaus Eppan).